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Payment cards

Plastic payment card is a payment instrument, which gives its owner a possibility of noncash payments for goods and services as well as withdrawing cash at bank outlets and ATM’s.

Popularity of bank payment cards is due to the number of their advantages over paper money.

A plastic card is a safe and convenient way of making payments and saving money, most comfortable and prestigious instrument for making necessary settlements.

JSC IIB is a partner of PROSTIR and VISA payment systems.

PROSTIR payment system was created by the National Bank of Ukraine.

Payment Organization: National Payment System "Ukrainian payment prostir".
Location: 01601, Ukraine, Kyiv, 9 Instytutska St.

Official site:www.prostir.gov.ua

VISA International Service Association is an American multinational payment services company, founded in 1958.

Payment organization: VISA International Service Association
Location: 900 Metro Center Boulevard, Forest City, California 94404, USA, ("VISA").
Representative office in Ukraine: 01601, Ukraine, Kiev, 42-44 Shelkovichnaya St., business center "Horizon", of. 12V. Tel. (044) 490-69-00, Fax: (044) 490-69-09.

Official website: www.visa.com.ua

Services provided by JSC IIB: issuing international payment cards and acquiring services for servicing international payment cards of other Ukrainian and foreign banks in their own ATM network, in the Bank's branches.

The main office of our Bank: Kiev, 16. Lavrskaya St., and the nearest branch.

The procedure for the transfer of funds
Transfer of funds is carried out in accordance with the rules of the IPU in compliance with the requirements of regulatory and legislative documents of Ukraine. The operation is carried out using an electronic payment instrument (plastic or virtual card number). The transfer of funds is carried out on the basis of the reports of the IPU through interbank settlements between members - participants of the IPU.

Deadlines for crediting funds to the recipient
The funds are credited to the beneficiaries from 1 to 30 days in accordance with the rules of the ICS and depend on the service point, country, banks serving the point. Transfer of funds under the transaction transfer of p2p (transfer of funds from card to card) is carried out in real time.

The procedure for resolving disputes between participants and users
All disputes arisen between the participants and users are to be resolved in accordance with the Rules for the use of EMP (electronic means of payment).

Rules for safe use of your card:
  • Keep the card PIN secret.
  • If you suspect that your PIN code is known to others, you can use the service of its change, which is available in the ATM network of JSC IIB and the partner bank Ukreximbank.
  • Do not pass on your card for use to others and do not provide it with ADDITIONAL details (validity period, PIN code and CVV2 code).
  • Order (Connect) GSM-banking service - this is an operational control over the funds in your account. Your mobile phone will receive SMS messages about any transactions made on your card.
  • IF THE CARD IS LOST OR STOLEN, CALL IMMEDIATELY TO THE INFORMATION CENTER FROM YOUR MOBILE PHONE: 0 800 50 44 50 (toll-free within 79 59 +38 38 from all phones) your operator).

Financial security: buy and pay online on verified sites on the Internet:
1. Carefully check the sites where you plan to make payments with the card, as fraudsters through fake sites can steal all the information on your card and reset it.
2. Sites that accept online payments must be secure, for this purpose in the address bar they must contain "Lock" and https: // and not http: //.
3. When going from a site that starts with https: // to a page that starts with http: //, you should NOT enter your payment card information.
4. Additionally, check the reviews on the site through search engines.
5. If when entering the CVV2 code the numbers are NOT masked, it is desirable to cancel the operation on this site.
6. If a clear (white) screen with the words “Transaction rejected” (or without it) appears after the transaction - immediately block the card through the Bank and provide the website address for the Bank's employees to check the transaction.
7. In no case DO NOT provide personal information and / or details of your card in response to any emails. Under no circumstances should you go to the Internet addresses offered in these letters.
8. You can check the site with the help of a special service of the Cyberpolice: https://cyberpolice.gov.ua/stopfraud/ or the service of the EMA Association - www.ema.com.ua/blacklist/.
9. If you realize that you have detected a phishing site or other signs of fraud with electronic means of payment and / or got into the hands of cyber-fraudsters (including through a phishing site) - immediately notify the Cyberpolice by phone 0 800 505 170 and the Bank by phone 0 800 50 44 50, +38 044 351 79 59, +38 044 247 38 38.

Importantly! Remember that the Bank's representatives never ask for the details of payment cards by phone and in e-mails from the Bank (it is allowed, for clarification, to indicate the last four digits of the card).

If you suspect that your payment card details have become known to third parties or have been inadvertently left / entered on questionable Internet sites - immediately notify the Bank and block the card to prevent possible financial losses.

VISA cards

Premium Visa cards

Visa Instant Issue

Visa payWave cards

VISA “My savings” service

International payment cards currency exchange rates

To achieve more cost-efficient settlements and to avoid a double currency conversion, please, see our recommendations on the use of plastic cards with different currencies in different geographic locations:

Card currency
✔✔✔ - no conversion
✔ - 1 conversion
✖ - 2 conversions
Euro zone
Great Britain
USA and rest of the world

Information on consumer rights for holders of payment cards


Larisa V. Gordeychik
Head of Payment Systems Division
Phone:     0 44 351 79 59
0 44 593 74 99 (ext. 1159)
Fax:   0 44 351 79 55
Email:   cardsbusiness@ii-bank.com.ua

24-hour support service for payment cards
Phone:     044 247 38 38

Rate of exchange at the Cash desk of the Head Office as of:
09:00 29.09.2020
  Currency   buy     sale  
  USD 28,270 28,350
  EUR 32,700 33,200
  GBP 34,800 36,500
  CHF 28,800 30,700
  RUR 0,300 0,390
  USD 28,3062
  EUR 33,0376
  GBP 0,3601
  CHF 36,4725
  RUR 30,5452
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