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JOINT STOCK COMPANY INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT BANK grants short-term, middle-term and long-term loans depending on clients’ needs. Our experts will also help you to structure loan operation in the right way and will offer you the most flexible and acceptable conditions of financing.

Working capital financing
It is obvious that every company independent of its sphere or destination often experiences a need for additional financing for covering expenses related to its current operational activities, the so-called  “Working capital financing”. Among our main products we may indicate the following:
  • Overdraft
  • Working capital financing
  • Factoring
Trade financing
Generally, trade financing services are used by trade companies - either exporters or importers. Although other companies importing equipment or goods for their own use are not an exception. Under this kind of services our experts will examine a trade agreement in details and will help structuring your operation in the best way taking into consideration conditions of delivery and payment, transfer of property rights, accompanying documents etc. The main products of trade financing are:
  • Guarantees and letters of credit
  • Pre-export financing and post-export financing
  • Stock (warehouse) financing
  • Import financing
  • Structured trade financing
Investment financing
One of the priority financing products at our Bank are long-term investment loans in the form of:
  • Medium- and long-term financing
  • Investment financing with ECA cover
  • Syndicated loans
  • Bridge financing
Knowledge and experience of our specialists may be applied in the analysis of investment projects, choice of structure and form of financing, preparation of investment models. Also it is important that our Bank experts are in good relations with the leading world financial organizations, interested in cooperation with Ukrainian corporate customers.

Current banking law requires from the Ukrainian banks to cooperate with information offices that accumulate information on credit operations of the banks. These are credit bureaux. Pursuant to the requirements of the National Bank of Ukraine JSC IIB signed a contract with The First Credit Bureau of Ukraine. Existing contract allows the Bank to communicate with FCBU on credit operations that carry a certain credit risk.


Tatiana A. Ivasenko
Head of Corporate Lending Department
Phone:   0 44 351 79 14
0 44 593 74 99 (ext. 1114)
Fax:    0 44 351 79 22
Email:   Tatiana.Ivasenko@ii-bank.com.ua

Prostakova I. Irina
Deputy Head of SME Lending Department
Phone:   0 44 351 79 57
0 44 593 74 99 (ext. 1157)
Fax:    0 44 351 79 22
Email:   Irina.Prostakova@ii-bank.com.ua

Rate of exchange at the Cash desk of the Head Office as of:
09:00 13.10.2021
  Currency   buy     sale  
  USD 26,290 26,420
  EUR 30,300 30,700
  GBP 35,300 36,200
  CHF 27,400 28,700
  RUR 0,300 0,390
  USD 26,3490
  EUR 30,4265
  GBP 35,8939
  CHF 28,3460
  RUR 0,3666
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